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LoOk.. I enjoy my life when it gives me sumthing to be happy for .I don't give a FUCK about sadness!
When it comes I cry and scream, but I don't show it and I usually know how to be emotionally strong!
Why can't people just be themselves man or man don't try to impress other people by being sOmeone you no your not. I love people around me,as long as theylove me toO . I do care about people, but I caremostly about myself. I don't mind being critised .
I am no one's pet and i'll never be One!!!!!

July 2, 2011

MIMY & MEMoT :) omel nyaa , ,

hey memOt , tu tempat lari lari lhaa yunk !
heyshh ,, bole berdengkorr pulak dye kadd situ :)

tengok2 , ,, hamboi ! muat pulak kaw tido situ ea mOt ?

HAHA , suke kaw yek kene belaian "abg" KAW !

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